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b2ap3_thumbnail_vr_ready_to_take_off_400.jpgEntertainment has become such a huge part of technology consumption that nobody can think of a smartphone or the Internet without immediately thinking about it. In fact, entertainment has grown so important that some are trying to create machines that integrate virtual realities into the lives of everyday consumers. What is virtual reality, and is it limited to the entertainment industry; or can it be used in the business sector, as well?

b2ap3_thumbnail_security_checklist_400.jpgAs a business professional, you have a responsibility to ensure that your company’s network and data is protected from hacking attacks. It can be difficult to remember to take all of the necessary precautions, but with our help, you can easily outline all of the measures that should be taken to maximize security for corporate data.

b2ap3_thumbnail_big_data_rainforest_400.jpgWhen you think about Big Data, thoughts typically turn to how businesses use the technology to collect and analyze massive amounts of information for the purpose of making sweet profit. Although, there's much more to Big Data than making money; scientists are using the technology to help save the rainforest.

b2ap3_thumbnail_internet_of_things_security_400.jpgWhat comes to mind when you think about the Internet of Things? Tech enthusiasts around the world see hordes of connected devices taking advantage of mobile technologies to augment everyday life; but the realist sees a horde of devices that pose a considerable threat to network security. How can your business ensure maximum security in the face of such a phenomenon?

b2ap3_thumbnail_android_clock_400.jpgIf you own an Android device, you’re no-doubt aware that Google issued an upgrade to Android’s OS not too long ago. This update, dubbed Android 5.0 Lollipop, presents several aesthetic upgrades to devices which were running a previous Android OS. However, there were also some functionality changes, a few of which were less than desired; like the unexpected changes to Android’s alarm clock.

Your Solid State Drive May Outlive You

Posted by on in Technology

b2ap3_thumbnail_ssd_better_or_worse_400.jpgWhen shopping for a new computer, you’re faced with a choice; go with a traditional hard drive (HDD), or a solid state drive (SSD). The benefits of an SSD are many, but are they enough to justify the extra expense?

b2ap3_thumbnail_google_chrome_400.jpgYou might have experienced the frustration of reading an article online and having the Internet connection cut out on you. This is one of the most common problems while working with a shoddy WiFi connection. If this happens to you, you can view your browser’s cached pages in order to finish up what you were reading; so long as you’re not trying to view pages like Facebook, which update periodically throughout the day.

Tagged in: Browser Chrome Website

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_tablets_productivity2_400.jpgIn our last blog article, we looked at Microsoft’s mobile computing strategy for businesses. In part II, we want to follow up by looking at some specific mobile technology from Microsoft, including a preview of its newest mobile computing venture, Windows 10.

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_tablet_productivity1_400.jpgJust like the personal computer before it, smartphones have become essential pieces of technology that are practically required in order to complete mission-critical tasks. However, the primary advantage that these devices have over the popular PC is that they’re vastly more mobile and designed for use on the go. Are users able to increase productivity by using Windows tablets?

b2ap3_thumbnail_fossils_scanning_400.jpgWho remembers seeing Jurassic Park in theaters in 1993? By now, the dinosaur flick is ancient history, but with Jurassic World hitting theaters today, you might have huge lizards on the brain. What does this have to do with technology? Well, researchers in Kenya are using 3D scanning and printing to preserve fossils, so the real ones can be safely removed from hazardous weather conditions in the Turkana Basin.

b2ap3_thumbnail_workers_engaged_400.jpgAs far as you’re concerned, managing a business is a highly engaging job. However, your staff might feel differently about their jobs. According to a recent study by Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, only 13 percent of employees are legitimately engaged in their work. A disengaged worker is a serious problem for any workplace.

b2ap3_thumbnail_smartphone_addiction_dangerous_400.jpgThere’s no doubt that smartphones are one of the greatest achievements in modern technology. Compared to computers from several years ago, the average smartphone is vastly more powerful. Coupled with mobility, the smartphone is a productivity machine that helps you get more done in your day. Despite these advantages, you might be a little too attached to your device.

Where Hackers Go to Shop for Malware

Posted by on in Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_black_market_hacker_400.jpgYou might recall how the Silk Road, an illegal online drug market, was recently shut down. Similar to the Silk Road, there’s another distributor of sensitive information out there; this one dealing with zero-day vulnerabilities. These types of cyber threats sell for top-dollar, and hackers are willing to pay in order to access your network.

Tagged in: Hacker Malware Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_excel_sheets_400.jpgMany office workers feel like they live in Microsoft Excel, spending hours using spreadsheets to enter data and crunch numbers. By taking advantage of tools like Excel’s freeze feature, workers can make the most of their time by navigating a spreadsheet more efficiently.

b2ap3_thumbnail_battery_misconception_400.jpgMobile technology has become so integrated into society that some people can’t even leave their smartphone at home for a few moments. As a business owner, you in particular know the value that mobile technology brings to your industry. You should know that there are plenty of common misconceptions surrounding how to get the most power from your mobile battery.

b2ap3_thumbnail_expecations_from_cloud_computing_400.jpgWhen cloud computing was first introduced to the consumer market, the technology required a fair amount of explaining. Today, the cloud is widely utilized by consumers, despite the fact that 51 percent of the public believe that actual clouds are somehow involved. Due to so many people using the cloud, consumers are now approaching computing much differently.

b2ap3_thumbnail_drive_for_business_400.jpgHeavy users of Google Drive may experience the issue of running low on storage space. The easiest way to resolve this problem is to give Google money and upgrade your account. Before taking this step, there are a few tricks you can do to free up Google Drive space by locating and getting rid of unneeded files.

b2ap3_thumbnail_caffeine_fix_400.jpgThe road down entrepreneurialism is a long and twisted path, full of pitfalls that can lead you astray. However, there’s one companion who will never forsake you, and that’s your morning cup of coffee. While you might feel like you can’t get anything done without your morning caffeine fix, it can be holding you back from achieving your maximum productivity.

b2ap3_thumbnail_boss_monitoring_400.jpgThere seems to be some confusion in the workplace regarding the privacy of digital communications made over a company network. Can an employer read an employee email or record a phone call without employee consent? Is instant messaging a safe place for employees to complain about their jobs? The answer to these questions may surprise workers and business owners alike.

b2ap3_thumbnail_mouse_wheel_click_400.jpgThe computer mouse has been a staple in the modern office for many years. Despite its proven usefulness, it’s now threatened by the growing adaptation of touchscreen devices in the workplace. Are you considering trading in your trusty mouse? Before you do, consider these three mouse scroll wheel tricks that make your boring old mouse more useful.

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