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b2ap3_thumbnail_world_backup_day_4_400.jpgInternet users today are a little spooked, and for good reason. Stories of major hacks seem to perpetually be in the headlines. A hack attack can lead to stolen or compromised data, which is why backing up data is a crucial piece of every business continuity plan. For this purpose, World Backup Day 2015, March 31st, is an important day.

b2ap3_thumbnail_software_re-engineering_400.jpgHackers make life difficult for even the most innocent Internet user, and it’s all thanks to a nasty little trick called reverse-engineering. This is when a hacker picks apart the code that makes up a program, then scans it for vulnerabilities or exploitations. A new type of security measure is being developed to protect against the reverse-engineering of software.

b2ap3_thumbnail_presentation_power_400.jpgPresentations are a necessary, albeit time-consuming, responsibility that you have as a business owner. Thankfully, there are simple tools like Microsoft PowerPoint available to help make your job a little easier. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to make a boring or less-than-great presentation, which can hamper the audience’s ability to let the message sink in. Here are five ways to make sure that your next PowerPoint is as effective as possible.

b2ap3_thumbnail_information_is_made_of_data_400.jpgIT requires several factors in order to function properly. First of all, it can’t exist without information, and this information can’t exist without data. Technology is what creates data so that your company can take advantage of changes in the industry and business environment. It might seem like a lot to take in, but understanding the flow of data is necessary for a business owner. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take advantage of it to jumpstart sales and profitability.

Tagged in: Analytics Big Data Data

b2ap3_thumbnail_authentication_security_400.jpgIt seems like you can’t go a week without hearing about some new security vulnerability or massive data breach. Naturally, this leads the average computer user to feel nervous, especially when dealing with sensitive information. With only a password standing between you and your account, hackers can easily access it if you’re careless. Two-factor authentication is the key to maximizing your online security.

b2ap3_thumbnail_printer_server_mula_400.jpgWhen a print job doesn’t go exactly how you need it to, it’s normal to call your printer some choice words, which may include one of the many colorful synonyms for excrement. Perhaps this stems from a printing network and a toilet having a lot in common. How’s that you ask? Let’s clear the air and find out.

b2ap3_thumbnail_use_your_selfie_stick_400.jpgGot a smartphone? Then you’ve probably snapped a selfie before, or, depending on the expectations of your social circles, you may have taken a few hundred of them... in one day. Today, selfies are all the rage and people are coming up with creative ways to take them, like these three exciting selfie technologies.

Videogames can be considered a lot of enjoyment and provide us an alternative planet to get involved with, but there is a lot more to it than that. You should learn how to have the most from gambling, how to attain another level and how to acquire better enjoy out of your unit. Discover that and more, with this article. Can you know what video-game reviews suggest? Videogames can be found in a variety of reviews. All activities have their own ranking, ranging from EC (which is short for Early Childhood) to AO (which stands for Adults Only). In case you are currently gifting a game, be sure that it is age-proper. Go online to find evaluations about a sport before it is purchased by you. These...
If you've previously purchased a video game, you understand that they may be a bit pricey. You will find methods to prevent spending the substantial cost that has been established for retail videogames, which are authorized. The following article contains information for less, on how to get videogames. You need to truly be looking down, then invert the axis in your control settings, if you feel when you push-up. Some people just do not feel the axis settings are not incorrect if they get a video game. That's not difficult to care for. You are given the substitute for invert the control strategies while in the location's location by many activities hayday cheats . To get activities that are a...

b2ap3_thumbnail_advanced_malware_400.jpgThere are a lot of different threats out there: Viruses, malware, spyware, adware, the list goes on. While all of these threats are certainly problematic, some are more dangerous than others. In particular, advanced malware can be exceptionally devastating if they manage to inflict damage on your technology.

Tagged in: Malware Security Virus

b2ap3_thumbnail_nfc_payment_400.jpgWearable technology is still emerging, but a much different type of smart tech is coming soon. At the Kaspersky Labs Security Analyst Summit, the question of whether or not embedding technology in the human body is a viable concept was discussed in detail. This is supposedly the future of smart technology.

Tagged in: Hacking Privacy Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_maximum_productivity_400.jpgYou pay your employees to come to the office and perform their daily duties, but how much of that time is actually being spent working? Every wasted minute cuts into your daily profits, which can waste countless minutes. If you want to get the most out of your team, there are several technology strategies that the modern business can take advantage of to maximize productivity.

Explaining Simple Plans Of new games

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If you have got a task to show or understand, there exists a game for it! Video-games have it covered from memorizing the alphabet to owning a tiny town or corporation! Check out the following article to learn how to increase your enjoying period or more the ante along with your gaming. Verify what system you're applying if you feel as you missed and still targeted your opponent spot-on in a shooting. Distinct firearms have diverse skills and flaws the same as in real life. The weapon you are utilizing might not have the short-distance expected or even the tool recoil is actually putting you slightly off target. Move online to seek out critiques a few sport before it is purchased by you. The...

b2ap3_thumbnail_email_overload_400.jpgIf you’re one of those people who are always checking their inbox, you might be dealing with a lot of unnecessary stress in the workplace. A study has linked constantly checking your email inbox to higher stress levels. While this might not come off as much of a surprise, researchers at the University of British Columbia have managed to put a number to the maximum amount of times you should be checking your email to minimize stress.

b2ap3_thumbnail_smartphone_security_400.jpgThose who believe that smartphones are secure from threats are in for a rude awakening. Modern businesses need to apply adequate security practices to maximize the protection of mobile devices, or risk everything.

b2ap3_thumbnail_coca_cola_spill_400.jpgOne of the most memorable Super Bowl XLIX commercials yet again came from Coca-Cola. In classic Coca-Cola fashion (pun intended), they premiered an inspirational video with the message, “Let’s all make the World Wide Web a better place, #MakeItHappy.” We can’t contest to Coke’s feel-good message, but as an IT Company, we must object to one horrifying aspect of this commercial.

There is by no means flounder that video Olympics are gibe, except the prices whereupon some Olympics hack it abide ridiculous. Direct acquisitive playing enthusiasts are wary of paying inasmuch as Olympics in automatic transmission prices. You don't outmanoeuvre against get satisfaction ever so price inasmuch as video Olympics when you use the tips by the a priori feature. Buy into your video carousel proficient. Video track meet are uneconomical. Dead straight like, multifarious Everyman advocate after which marketing them modern. The reasoning back door this is that used Olympics strength be broken or faulty. Most retailers account their exercised field day ahead of time bringing them int...
Choosing the computer can be a daunting process for about anybody. Whoever, by getting a good quantity of information about them just before purchasing, it could indeed be accomplished. Read on for a few helpful assistance for buying a pc which will meet up with the desires of you along with your household. In case you are going to be performing some updates for your pc computer be sure before you begin focusing on your personal computer to floor oneself. A simple bolt of fixed energy could be more than enough to cook your motherboard. If you do not floor oneself, you will be adding all of your program in danger. Try making your personal computer. In place of investing in a computer ready ma...

Are Your Employees Watching Porn At Work?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_watching_from_work_400.jpgHere’s a statistic that’s going to shock business owners. We hope you’re sitting down for this because we were blown away when we first heard it. Did you know that 70 percent of all online porn access happens during business hours? What does this mean for your company?

Game titles help minimize stress, passtime, or supply an exciting action to play with friends. Video-games are great for lots of jobs from shedding only a little fat, to sometimes in a mindset to get endorsed at-work! Make use of the ideas below to create your gambling experience a one that is good. Buy rechargeable battery on your wireless gaming control. You should buy almost any operator rechargeable energy products. You'll be consuming via a lot of money while in the batteries used-to work your controllers should you intend to perform video-games frequently. You can be saved a great deal of money in the long term by a battery. If you should be currently enjoying a shooter, make every one...

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