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b2ap3_thumbnail_secure_web_browsing_400.jpgIt would be an understatement to say that security, particularly encryption, is important while browsing the web. Though it was only recently that encryption became a major pain point for government regulation, encryption has been around for a very long time. The average user can get a taste of online encryption through the average website security certificate.

b2ap3_thumbnail_smartphone_accessories_400.jpgSmartphones are very convenient technologies, but with a couple of improvements to your device repertoire, you can drastically improve both your user experience and the value of your device. Here are four smartphone accessories that can enhance the way you use your mobile device.

b2ap3_thumbnail_eighty_twenty_rule_for_it_400.jpgIT security is something that businesses of all shapes, sizes, and varieties have to be concerned about. You’ll be faced with the question of whether you have adequate security practices on a daily basis. For help with understanding why the smallest vulnerabilities often result in the most data loss, look no further than the 80/20 rule.

b2ap3_thumbnail_medical_device_hacks_400.jpgMedical technology has allowed for vast improvements in the way that conditions are treated. For example, the pacemaker allows some people with heart conditions to live longer and more comfortably. However, a European research team has concluded that even pacemakers are susceptible to being hacked, with deadly results.

b2ap3_thumbnail_attract_talent_400.jpgThe endgame for most businesses is to improve what they do and increase their profitability. While this might mean selling more products, getting more customers or clients, or a myriad of other metrics, the driving force behind your business’s operations--your employees--are crucial toward this goal.

Is Break-Fix IT Breaking Your Budget?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_managed_services_agreement_400.jpgMost modern businesses rely on specific technology solutions to ensure operations can work as intended. This includes servers for data storage, networks for data distribution, and workstations for employee productivity. Of course, you have to wonder if this is wise; after all, what happens when this technology fails?

b2ap3_thumbnail_ethics_of_hackers_400.jpgHackers are notorious for committing cybercrimes and exploiting what seems like everybody and anybody. Yet, just as there exists honor among thieves, there’s an unwritten rule within the hacking community: leave hospitals alone.

b2ap3_thumbnail_office_setup_design_400.jpgOf all the potential causes for a deficit within the office environment, the physical office itself isn’t likely to first come to mind. Even so, the value of establishing certain practical design and organization strategies have shown to improve employee morale, collaboration, and productivity. While these solutions may not be for every office, if your company is experiencing hindrances in productivity, these tactics may be beneficial implementations to incorporate within your business.

b2ap3_thumbnail_password_security_400.jpgPasswords are important for any online account (and for most accounts in general). Sometimes they might feel like inconveniences, but it’s crucial to remember that these passwords are often the first line of defense, if not the only line of defense, that stands between your data and hackers. We’ll discuss ways that you can augment password security with other powerful measures.

b2ap3_thumbnail_pebble_unsupported_400.jpgSmartwatch enthusiasts now have one less brand from which to select, as rival Fitbit has successfully taken over the former Kickstarter project Pebble’s business. For companies that rely on software for their mission-critical tasks, lessons learned from the end of Pebble reminds business owners that, when it comes to innovative technology purchases, there is always a bit of risk.

b2ap3_thumbnail_basic_net_security_400.jpgThere’s no question that cybersecurity is an important part of managing a business, especially with so much technology in your office. Yet, the real challenge comes from making sure that your employees know and understand best practices, and are willing to adhere to them. Here are some easy ways that you can help your employees understand just how important IT security really is.

b2ap3_thumbnail_introducing_cloud_computing_400.jpgBusinesses are turning to the cloud because it’s designed to make operations easier and save them money. In light of these benefits, organizations that have yet to move to the cloud may be missing out on some serious advantages by continuing to do IT the hard way. If you’re still unsure about the cloud, then consider how these three features of cloud computing can change how you do business.

b2ap3_thumbnail_san_francisco_transportation_hack_400.jpgWhile San Francisco residents might not be happy that they’ll again have to pay fares to ride the city’s rail system, the reason they again have to do so is understandable. Plus, it provides an excellent example of the importance of maintaining a backup and using complex passwords.

b2ap3_thumbnail_are_you_being_scammed_400.jpgThe ingenuity of criminals knows no bounds, especially when it comes to the holidays. You’d think that scammers would be merciful during this time of peace on Earth and goodwill to man. Nope. This is when they step up their scamming efforts, which means you need to be ever vigilant.

b2ap3_thumbnail_shift_and_f10_400.jpgUsually, when a troubleshooting feature is put in place, it is meant to assist the user in resolving an issue. However, one such feature in Windows 10 could ultimately lead to more problems, as it also can serve as a free-ride vulnerability for an opportunist bystander.

b2ap3_thumbnail_on_premise_phone_system_400.jpgTraditional communications solutions are all well and good, but they’re quickly growing antiquated and outdated with the inception of more dynamic solutions. Some organizations have found that cloud-hosted VoIP has advantages over an on-premise telephone solution. While there’s a certain degree of truth to this, an on-site system still presents value.

b2ap3_thumbnail_breach_of_your_security_400.jpgYour data is vital to the success of your business, and as such, it needs to be protected. Can you identify the warning signs that someone has managed to get past your protections to access your data?

b2ap3_thumbnail_facebook_safety_check_400.jpgIn 2014, Facebook launched Safety Check, a helpful tool allowing users to “check in” that they’re okay during a crisis event, like a natural disaster, mass shooting, etc. Recently, Facebook made a major change to Safety Check by allowing users affected by the crisis to activate the feature. This is yet another example of how social media is changing the way people find out about major events and react to them.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_small_business_security_400.jpgOne of the main benefits of a small business is that it’s small. You can make decisions quickly regarding all sorts of matters. Your workforce isn’t nearly as large as other organizations, meaning that you’re a closer, tight-knit group. One of the misconceptions of small business is that they’re not as susceptible to hacking attacks, which can be a dangerous assumption to make.

b2ap3_thumbnail_smb_mobile_400.jpgSmartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile technology are practically necessities in today’s modern workplace; especially if you want to keep productivity flowing at all times. However, implementing mobile devices into your workplace infrastructure is more complicated than it sounds, especially if you want to preserve security. Here are three topics to consider when implementing mobile devices in the workplace.

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