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Choosing the computer can be a daunting process for about anybody. Whoever, by getting a good quantity of information about them just before purchasing, it could indeed be accomplished. Read on for a few helpful assistance for buying a pc which will meet up with the desires of you along with your household. In case you are going to be performing some updates for your pc computer be sure before you begin focusing on your personal computer to floor oneself. A simple bolt of fixed energy could be more than enough to cook your motherboard. If you do not floor oneself, you will be adding all of your program in danger. Try making your personal computer. In place of investing in a computer ready ma...

Are Your Employees Watching Porn At Work?

Posted by on in Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_watching_from_work_400.jpgHere’s a statistic that’s going to shock business owners. We hope you’re sitting down for this because we were blown away when we first heard it. Did you know that 70 percent of all online porn access happens during business hours? What does this mean for your company?

Game titles help minimize stress, passtime, or supply an exciting action to play with friends. Video-games are great for lots of jobs from shedding only a little fat, to sometimes in a mindset to get endorsed at-work! Make use of the ideas below to create your gambling experience a one that is good. Buy rechargeable battery on your wireless gaming control. You should buy almost any operator rechargeable energy products. You'll be consuming via a lot of money while in the batteries used-to work your controllers should you intend to perform video-games frequently. You can be saved a great deal of money in the long term by a battery. If you should be currently enjoying a shooter, make every one...
Video gaming support give a fun task to perform with friends, minimize strain, or pass-time. From shedding to getting yourself in an attitude to have advertised at the job somewhat weight, video-games are great for lots of projects! Utilize the guidelines below to create your gambling experience an excellent one. Invest in a rechargeable battery to your wireless gaming operator. You can purchase any controller rechargeable power products. Should you want to enjoy video games routinely, you'll be consuming through a great deal of money while in the batteries used-to run your controllers. A rechargeable battery can save you lots of money in the long term. If you are playing a shooting, make ea...

b2ap3_thumbnail_superfish_two_400.jpgAs seen by the recent Superfish app debacle, software that comes preinstalled on a new PC shouldn’t always be trusted. Most of the time, the innate software on a device can be trusted; but the Superfish application is an exception. This app, which came preinstalled on new Lenovo PCs between the months of September and December of 2014, can potentially compromise the security of your machine.

Tagged in: Hackers Malware Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_do_not_succumb_to_stress_400.jpgOccupational burnout is a real risk for the busy business owner. Wikipedia defines it as, “Characterized by short-term exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, feeling drained, and also may have the dimension of frustration and/or negative emotion and cynical behavior, and as a result reduced professional efficacy.” Can you relate? How can you prevent occupational burnout?

Blogging is an interesting passion for anybody that talk to people that reveal or will like to reveal information their interests. For example, you are able to post movies regarding new info inside the discipline if you prefer science. Read this article for tips on how to effectively manage a blog.Be sure the total amount of time passed between all of your website articles is similar. This helps whenever you'll be placing your next article, readers learn. Around the other hand, if two items are posted by you two nights apart, then do not post another article for a week, people can get out of the routine of examining your blog. Article authentic content on your own blog, and can include other...

b2ap3_thumbnail_your_byod_policy_400.jpgMobile devices have become such a popular computing medium that they’ve infiltrated the workplace. While the business owner might feel that these mobile devices can help employees gain more regular access to corporate data for more working hours, these same devices could potentially eat up those work hours with time wasted on mobile gaming or other recreational apps. What’s the truth about BYOD? Let’s find out.

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_media_android_400.jpgSo you’ve got yourself a new Android device and you want to transfer all of your favorite media from your PC onto the device. How do you go about doing this? While there all several different ways you can transfer your files, one of the easiest ways is to take advantage of a program that’s already installed on your PC: Windows Media Player.

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_logo_400.jpgThe next major operating system to get the ax from Microsoft is Windows Server 2003. Slated to have its mainstream support ended on July 14th, businesses that currently use the software need to begin making plans to upgrade their system as soon as possible. With this server operating system no longer being supported by Microsoft, your data will be vulnerable to the latest online threats.

What Are the Essential VoIP Features to Look For?

Posted by on in Cloud

b2ap3_thumbnail_essential_voip_features_400.jpgLet’s face it; the traditional telephony system your business relies on is outdated and holding you back from bigger and better things. You’re thinking about integrating a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system into your IT infrastructure, but you might not be sure what features to look for. How can you know for sure that you’re getting the right solution for your business?

Tip of the Week: Avoid These 3 Common Grammar Errors

Posted by on in How To

b2ap3_thumbnail_grammar_issues_400.jpgWe live in an age where everything we do is auto-corrected through our word processor or email client. This makes it particularly easy to make grammar errors, especially when you’re in a pinch and you need to send out a reminder or an email within moments. If your business isn’t careful to avoid these mistakes, you could potentially be seen as unprofessional in your industry.

b2ap3_thumbnail_drone_regulations_400_20150209-195354_1.jpgThere have been times in the past where technology advanced far faster than the legislation used to govern that technology. A modern example of this is the recent aerial drone controversy. People have no clue what can and can’t be done with them, and it’s generally because the technology came before any laws were passed concerning how they should be governed.

b2ap3_thumbnail_google_now_400.jpgAndroid smartphones are everywhere. As a result, Google Now, Android’s personal assistant application, is everywhere. The application integrates with a user’s Gmail account to provide information, directions, and perform functions.

b2ap3_thumbnail_sony_data_leak_400.jpgOne of the most publicized hacks we have seen is last December’s breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment by the Guardians of Peace. In addition to the hackers exposing Sony’s budget, plans for layoffs, and 3,800 SSNs, they leaked personal emails from company executives. This incident should make every business owner a little nervous.

Tagged in: Hacking Privacy Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_password_login_400.jpgIs the password an outdated type of security measure? This question seems to be getting asked around quite a bit, especially with more powerful threats loose all over the Internet. Unfortunately, the fault in passwords generally lies in the fact that humans generally don’t pick passwords that are secure enough. Thanks to a new method called “spaced repetition,” it seems there might be some hope left for the password after all.

Tagged in: Memory Passwords Privacy

b2ap3_thumbnail_backup_and_recovery_400.jpgIT professionals will always talk about the importance of data backup, and why shouldn’t we? It is a crucial process each business owner should understand. It really comes down to this: Many of the IT services we provide can present your endeavor with value, but only one of them can perform miracles, the Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. The BDR not only allows for redundant backup of the files you need most, it provides a solution for your business to continue to exist in the face of pure devastation.

b2ap3_thumbnail_public_computers_400.jpgFor business professionals needing to access sensitive information, a public PC is never the first choice. We’ve all suspected it, and now there’s government-issued proof that hackers are targeting public computers. However, don’t be deterred from using public terminals; there are ways to get around hackers and their traps.

b2ap3_thumbnail_hack_attack_manufacturing_400.jpgWhen you think of viruses and malware, you think of attacks on a digital scale. An attack in the digital world can’t do anything in the physical world, right? It turns out that hacking can lead to bigger problems, like the recent meltdown of a blast furnace at a German steel mill.

b2ap3_thumbnail_chrome_safe_browsing_400.jpgMalware often takes the form of certain unrecognizable web entities, which can make detecting threats tricky at times. New features in popular web browsers, most notably Google Chrome, are making progress toward identifying these threats before they cause your business harm. Chrome’s “Safe Browsing” feature is a good tool to augment your current network security practices.

Tagged in: Google Internet Privacy

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